The Harvest

Sci-Fi Thriller

Mutants bred for their organs escape the harvesting farms and begin killing the humans they were designed to save.

“… has to be read in a single sitting. You simply cannot put it down to resume reading later.”

“… this is a book that I told my husband he MUST read and I spread the same word to my co-workers first thing this morning …”


In a future where mutants are bred for their body parts, Steph Martin is a defect.  Not up to transplant standards, she’s been assigned the job of preparing other mutants for their glorious gift of life to the humans.

Cody Rodgers is also defective, but he’s human so few notice.  A Deputy Sheriff, he has little love for mutants but is very attracted to Steph, until he finds out she’s not human.

When mutants break free from the harvesting farm, they attack the town where the extractions take place.  People are unable to differentiate between humans and mutants and the town quickly becomes a killing field.

The government decides it must destroy the entire town to prevent mutants from infiltrating society at large.

Cody and Steph must learn to work together if there is any hope of stopping the killing.






Review by Heather on Griffin’s Honey Blog

Review on Goodreads


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