Staying in Touch

If you like stories I would love to have you join my email list.

Once or twice a month I’ll send out an email and share stories with you,  introduce you to storytellers who may be new to you, share reviews, and keep you up to date on my storytelling career.

This is not a sales tool but a way for us to stay in touch with one another. The emails come from me (even though MailChimp provides the service) and if you click reply to the email, the response comes directly to my inbox.

I prefer email contacts over various social media sites and have had a number of good interactions with people I now consider friends through this process.

If you’d like to join the list just click the graphic below.

Clint Morey
Bestselling Kindle author



2 thoughts on “Staying in Touch

  1. Clint, I always enjoy your podcast and your creativity. You do an excellent job of mixing contemporary issues with the gospel. Keep up the good work. Tim Thompson


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