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00 Introduction to the Podcast

About a half century ago, my country was at war on the other side of the planet.

Through a government program known as … oh, what did they call it?

Oh, yeah, I remember.


The draft gave me the opportunity to learn many life lessons. I’ll share some of those lessons in this podcast..

01 Baby Boomers Wanted

The country realized they needed people to fight in the war — lots and lots of people.

The politicians looked around and there we were — the Baby Boomers.

We were the answer.

02 Bell bottoms? You can’t be serious.

How to make important decisions

Some decisions are tough and require a lot of thought.

Or, at least they should.

I thought I knew how my first day in the Army would go.

After all, I had seen a lot of movies and I talked to all my friends who had been in the service.

I was ready.

I thought.