When things shut down

The world has certainly quieted down around me.

There are fewer cars on the road … fewer people walking the streets … and so many stores have empty parking lots.

Except the Walmarts and Costcos. Those places tend to be crowded.

Being “self-quarantined” hasn’t been that big of a disruption for me. I’m used to spending a lot of time in front my computer working at home. I do miss going to the Barnes & Noble coffee shop to do some of my writing, but that is a very minor thing.

Since much of my writing centers around screenplays, I was concerned my marketing efforts would take a big hit because the film industry has pretty much shut down.

But I continue pitching people in the industry about my scripts. Last week I had three positive responses. Two producers and one manager requested scripts to review. Either they were fascinated by my queries or they were so bored with social distancing, they’re trying to pass the time reading scripts.

I’d like to think they were fascinated by my queries … but we’ll see.

I hope all of you are able to enjoy each day God gives you.