Take a Break from the Hate

engagement_photograph_of_ronald_reagan_and_nancy_davis_1952 newlyweds_ronald_reagan_and_nancy_reagan_1952 official_portrait_of_the_reagans_on_the_white_house_grounds_1988 ronald_and_nancy_reagan_1953 ronald_reagan_in_knute_rockne-all_american_1940 thereagans

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3 comments on “Take a Break from the Hate
  1. Carol Elsen says:

    So awesome!!! Here is what I posted on Facebook about my brother Bob who reminds me of you:

    I am so proud of my big brother’s (a Democrat is he) response to the Facebook circling, angst-inducing post: “What Shall We Tell Our Children” —–
    He said in regards to his granddaughter:

    Bob Bowles: Tell her the truth: America elected Donald J. Trump according to our constitutional democratic custom. Tell her that he will take office in January, and that we hope and pray that he an be the President of all of us whether we voted for him or not. Tell her the sun came up today , and it will tomorrow. Tell her she still has to brush her teeth and go to school. Tell her you love her, and that you will continue to work for a future with liberty and justice for all.

    Me: A voice of reason in a topsy turvy world – so proud of him I am!


  2. Carol, I read your brother’s post and you have every right to be proud of him. Thanks for sharing it.


  3. They were a regal twosome, that’s for sure. I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder to be an American than during the Reagan years. I went fly fishing today, just to be away from the news and the negativism for a day. Thanks for reminding us of the love affair that lasted so long. They were a breath of fresh air.

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