The target on your back

As a storyteller (novels, screenplays, etc.) you have to realize there is a great big target on your back.

You’ve worked hard to create your story and people know you want to be published or produced or recorded or otherwise honored for your work.

Remember that target on your back because there are people out there who will tell you they can make the magic happen … if only you will give them some money.

Take editing as an example. If you write novels your work has to be edited before you let the world see it. Well, it doesn’t have to be but it’s not a good career move to ignore editing.  Counting on your word processing software to take care of things is not going to cut it.

If you have a good editor among your family or friends, great. An editor! Not someone who will read a story and tell you that YOU are wonderful but someone who can fix your mistakes and point out problems in your story. There are different kinds of editors but I’ll save that for another post.

If you don’t have an editor readily accessible, then you may have to look at hiring someone. That’s when you want to remember that target on your back.

Here’s a post from the Writer Beware blog that you should read.

How do freelance editors get paid?” by Victoria Strauss

If you are a storyteller I would encourage you to check out the Writer Beware website and to follow their blog and get on their mailing list for alerts.

Be aware of that target on your back then get back to storytelling!


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