Review: “The Finest Hours”

Ever since I saw the previews of “The Finest Hours” I’ve been waiting for the movie.

Yesterday I saw it.

It was definitely worth the wait.

Based on a true story of a Coast Guard rescue attempt the movie takes full advantage of the special effects skills of the movie makers.  If you are into thrillers that also inspire I think you will love this movie.

I don’t recommend a lot of movies but I recommend this one.

Trailer #1

Trailer #2

“You got about 5 seconds!”


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2 comments on “Review: “The Finest Hours”
  1. Terrific film, based upon a wonderful book that I just finished reading. I imagine it will be available for home viewing soon, and I urge everyone to see it AND to read the book by Casey Sherman and Mike Tougias, which goes into a great deal of detail about what happened to Bernie Webber and his crew afterward (which in some ways is the real story). That’s why, although I like films, books are so much better.


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