Marketing to Hollywood

I remember the first time I wrote a screenplay. I was so happy that I finished what I thought was an outstanding story.

I printed out my 120 pages, used my three-hole punch to punch all the pages, used the appropriate ACCO brass brads to secure it to the cover, and there it sat on my desk.

That’s when it dawned on me.

Even though the script was finished, it wasn’t going to get read sitting on my desk.

That’s when I was introduced to this thing called marketing. Producers, agents, and managers were not lining up at my front door asking if they could read my script. It was my job to find them, pitch them, and try to persuade them to ask to see my story.

I won’t go into the many ways I tried to market that first script but I do want to share one of the marketing tools that I use today with all of my scripts.

It’s called InkTip.

It’s a service that lets you get your stories (at least the loglines) in front of the eyes of producers, agents, and managers. I’ve had several options as a result of using this service and I currently have a script in development through contacts I made on InkTip.

So if you’re a screenwriter, I would encourage you to check out this service. I recommend it highly.

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