Face to Face

I love this technological age we live in.

Last week, using a little device I held in my hand, I spoke to my daughter in Portland, Oregon, to my daughter in Tacoma, Washington, to my daughter in Denver, Colorado, to my daughter in Austin, Texas, and to my daughter and son in Missoula, Montana.  I think that’s incredible!

But that’s not all. Using Face Time and Skype, I’ve been able to have live video chats with my family in all of those places and even live video chats with my brother in New Zealand.  That’s beyond incredible.  It’s almost miraculous.

Throw in texts, tweets, emails and Facebook and I have to admit I love the communication tools we have today.

But yesterday I was at the store and I bumped into two people I had not seen in a long time — Aana and Carol.  I had kept up with what was happening in their lives through Facebook and other online resources but seeing them in person was very special.  To hug them, to talk to them face to face, to just be near them for a few minutes was a delight as I caught up with what has been happening in their lives.

The communication tools available to us are wonderful.

But speaking to someone face to face is so much better.

Enjoy the social media and the electronic tools at your finger tips.  But I would encourage you to give special attention to the face to face interactions available to you.

It may be people you see everyday — in your family, at work, at school.  It may be old friends you “happen” to bump into.  It may be potential new friends who were strangers before you met them.

Enjoy the social media interactions you have but TREASURE the face to face contacts with the people in your life today.

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4 comments on “Face to Face
  1. patrickmccalla says:

    Wow! Great reminder. We are blessed with these tools of technology; however, there is no communication as powerful as face to face.

    Have a blessed day, Patrick

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Carol Elsen says:

    True Clint! Seeing you and Sharon just made our day. Technology offers threads but face to face is the fabric!


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