Louis Zamperini (1917 – 2014)

Louis Zamperini died two days ago.  He was 97 year old and in his youth had experienced poverty, sickness, and racial attacks.  He was often in trouble with the law and there seemed little hope for him.

But Mr. Zamperini became a world class runner in the 1930’s and a war hero during World War II.  He also endured incredible torture in a Japanese prisoner of war camp.

His story is one of those that matter.  I’m glad to see that a movie has been made about his life and that Laura Hillenbrand has written a book about him.

I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Zamperini in the early 70’s and was impressed not only with the story of his life but also with his gentle demeanor and his passion to help others.

Get to know his story.  View the videos below and consider reading the books about him.

He is one of those men in our history worth knowing.

“CBS Special during the 1998 Winter Olympics in Japan”

“Louis Zamperini: Coming Full Circle, Pt. 1”

“Louis Zamerini: Coming Full Circle, Pt. 2”


“Louis Zamperini”  Wikipedia article.






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