Medal of Honor Stories: Cpl. Joseph A. Glowin

Joseph Anthony Glowin enlisted in the Marine Corps and served in Mexico, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. In July 1913 he was a machine gunner serving with a small detachment of Marines deep in the jungles of Santo Domingo.

His medal of honor citation indicates little more than he was brave. But the general orders from the Secretary of the Navy described his actions. The small detachment of Marines he was with came under attack by a superior force of bandits securely entrenched in the jungle. Cpl. Glowin manned his machine gun and laid down withering fire on the enemy. He was hit and wounded early on but maintained his position and his firing. He was shot a second time and continued firing but fellow soldiers grabbed him and pulled him away for medical assistance.

He received the medal of honor for his heroism at that battle. He was released from active duty on December 8, 1917 but remained a civilian for only 10 days. He reenlisted and served for the duration of World War I.

He would later serve with the Detroit Police Department from 1923 until 1941.

“Joseph A. Glowin”  Wikipedia articleGlowin_JA

“Pvt. Joseph A Glowin” United States Marine Corps History Division

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