Keeping Busy

I have to admit the writing life is great fun — even when it’s difficult.

I currently have five active projects.  Active means I do something on the projects each day.

  1. THAT’S NOTHING!  A children’s picture book.  The writing is done but now I’m working with an illustrator (we’re about 1/3 of the way finished with the drawings) and developing a marketing plan.
  2. A THOUSAND MILES OF MIRACLE IN CHINA.  This is a book that was written over 100 years ago and I think should be read by Christians today.  I’m writing a teaching guide that I hope will be useful to individuals and groups who choose to read this book.
  3. PREACHER MAN.  Yes, I know I’ve already written the screenplay for this story (and I have an agent who wants to talk to me about it in a couple of days) but I’m also developing it as a novel.  I guess the genre would be “Romantic Comedy” and I’m sure having a lot of fun writing it.
  4. YOU CAN’T DO THAT!  Another children’s book.  I’ve written a first draft of the manuscript and it needs a lot of work before I can contact potential illustrators.
  5. THE CABIN.  It’s just a working title for now but I’m developing a low budget thriller screenplay with my writing partner, Steve.

Those are the “active” projects.  They keep me busy enough.

But a quick check of my writing database reveals I have 48 projects in my personal “Development” list.  These are projects I desperately want to write and have already done considerable work on.  I have to keep them just a little off-stage so I can finish the active projects.  Each time I complete an active project, one of these will move up to take its place.


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