Musical Monday … Getting Old

Musical Storytellers

Many storytellers have used novels, short stories, and film to deal with the topic of getting old.  It’s a time to look back on life and to deal with the present.

Since it’s Musical Monday I thought you might enjoy how some musical storytellers have handled the issue.

September Song sung by Jimmy Durante
Written by Kurt Weill (composer) and Maxwell Anderson (lyrics) for Walter Houston who had a role in a Broadway musical.  Houston had a deep voice and limited range, and they wrote the song in just a few hours.  Many people have picked up the song but I like Jimmy Durante’s version.

I Wish I Was Eighteen Again sung by George Burns
Written by Sonny Throckmorton this was a big hit for George Burns.

Thank You sung by Ray Boltz
A very different view of what to look back on in life.

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