Proofing New Covers for Paperbacks

JAIDEE A couple of weeks ago I made some changes to two novels on Create Space. Well actually just the covers of those novels but it required that I receive proofs and go through the books again.  I think it was a good experience.

I really like the cover for Jaidee. I think it’s much more interesting both as a large graphic and even in the little thumbnail size on Amazon.

I wasn’t that thrilled with The Harvest cover and I’ll probably hire someone to do it well one day.

I also converted one of my short stories, “The Last Patriot”, to a paperback. Please don’t buy it. The lowest price I could give the book was four dollars and that’s way too much for a short story.

My goal with “The Last Patriot” is to create an audio file for the book using Amazon’s audio production tools. I want to hear the quality of my sound, and determine if my home studio is sufficient to tackle one of my novels, which is a very large job.

I now have four paperbacks available through Create Space.

TheHarvest_FRONTCOVER_05FEB2014The Last Patriot

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