Am I a bestselling author?

Am I a best-selling author?

I was reading a book last week about Internet marketing.  It’s one of those business things I have to do instead of creating stories.

As I was reading the book, the author shared the techniques he used to become a best-selling author and he gave examples showing his Amazon numbers where he was ranked a certain place in the Amazon Kindle store or in one of the sub categories that Amazon has.

I was trying to learn the lessons he was teaching so that I too could be called a best-selling author.

Then it dawned on me.

I had been a best-selling author.

Back in September for one day my book The Outer Rims was the 12th best-selling book in the Amazon Kindle store. It sold over 2,200 books on that one day making me a best-selling author. In addition to the number 12 ranking overall I was ranked number one in three subcategories.  for a brief moment in time I was a best-selling author.

Now my question is … am I still a best-selling author?

Can I put on my promotional materials “best-selling author Clint Morey” and not be lying?

I don’t feel like a best selling author, and my books aren’t currently anywhere near that position on Amazon, but  for one day …

So now I have to decide if I should apply those nice words to me when I promote my books and scripts.

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