I love busy days where lots of words are produced

Had a busy and productive writing day today.

I started the morning with some solid work on a nonfiction book .  I was probably so productive because of my location — the Barnes & Noble coffee shop.  I’m serious.  For some reason when I work there the words just fly into the keyboard.

Then I returned home and prepared, recorded and posted episodes to each of my podcasts — “It Was Your Money” and “Learn to Speak Christian.”

PODCAST Learn to Speak Christian LogoPODCAST Money Logo 200x200

I’m still fine tuning the production process but it’s a whole lot easier and quicker than in past sessions.  I save my recordings on Sound Cloud and post them on Word Press sites.

After I get a few more episodes up I’ll apply for an iTunes account.

Then I did some work on a novel proposal I’m developing for the Amazon Serial Program.  I really enjoy serials and had such a good experience with Amazon (through 47North) that I’d like to work with them again.

Then I did some work on a screenplay and had a good session (at Barnes & Noble again) with my writing partner, Steve, as we outlined the final sequence of a thriller we are developing.

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