Musical Monday … Tie a Yellow Ribbon

“Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree” written by Erwin Levine and L. Russell Brown.  Performed by Tony Orlando and Dawn.


Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree”  Wikipedia article

Tony Orlando and Dawn”  Wikipedia article

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One comment on “Musical Monday … Tie a Yellow Ribbon
  1. says:

    Good Morning Clint,

    We have so enjoyed seeing your posts, Dan finished reading your books right away, we are sharing them now with friends.

    An update on the Brackett household, Dan set out to do his annual Dove hunting at the river, well he made it there and did a little hunting and ended up in the Emergency Room that evening due to his problem of dehydration (very hot there of course) and he passed out with his right foot stuck in the mud and he fell right on it.

    So, the end result was a shattered ankle, our two sons that live here went to rescue him and bring him back home. He was miserable to say the least, had surgery on the 13th to repair the ankle, had to wait until the swelling went down some.

    We are homebound, mostly in bed with it elevated and no weight bearing for 2 months, we are almost at the end of the first month. He can sit up more in the recliner the last two days, the pain had been pretty intense. We see the surgeon this Thursday for post-op visit.

    It is hard to keep an active guy down, Dan was very much still working as a Handyman around town and kept very busy, he loves that. Now, it will be awhile to get up and functioning somewhat in the same manner.

    Of course, we still live in our same two story home for 34 years now, will be considering a move probably next year to a one story home in Santa Clarita where the two boys are. Fortunately, our bedroom is on top level where the kitchen and large bath are, so that is a blessing.

    Anyway, didn’t mean to ramble on so much, but that’s what’s happening in Glendale for us right now. God is good and taking care of us, it is quite a bit more on me and I am very active too and have had to cancel some things, but that’s ok. I have a busy Avon business still and work it when I can now.

    Hope all is well with you two and your family. So glad we have re-connected!

    Blessings, Ellen

    Sent from my iPad


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