Bumper Stickers

I saw this bumper sticker on a car stopped in front of me the other day.

It was meant to be funny.

Did you laugh?

Did you chuckle?

Be honest.

The comment is based on an historical reality.  The Romans would gather up people who called themselves Christians and bring them into their arenas designed for entertainment.

Thousands of people watched from the stands as starved lions were released to attack the Christians huddled in the arena.  Children, women, men … brutally butchered, literally torn to shreds, screaming, bodies mangled, lives viciously destroyed.

While the fans in the stadiums cheered.

Back to the bumper sticker.

A company made it.

What type of company would do that?

Someone bought it and put it on their car for everyone to see.

What type of person would do that?

I guess the real question, however, is … did you laugh?

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