Musical Monday … Stormy Weather


I thought it would be fun to see how different artists interpreted a story in music.  Stormy Weather was written by Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler in 1933.  It tells the story of two lovers who are apart.  First recorded by Ethel Watters, the song has been recorded by many singers.  Each of these musical storytellers brings their unique skills and talents to the interpretation of the song.

If we were to give the concept embodied in this song to a dozen writers and ask for a finished novel or screenplay or short story, we would have a dozen different stories.  In a song, the performers are dealing with the same words but they too present their own version of the story.


Stormy Weather sung by Ethel Watters (1933)

Stormy Weather sung by Lena Horne (1943)

Stormy Weather sung by Ella Fitzgerald

Stormy Weather sung by Billy Holiday (1952)

Stormy Weather sung by The Golden Gate Quartet

Stormy Weather sung by Frank Sinatra

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