Shameless promotion … I mean … uh … sale … yeah, that’s what I mean … sale … even more than that … It’s a Super Sale!!!

In a shameless attempt to sell more books, I’ve dropped the price of When I Fall in Love to just 99 cents.

Think of it.  For less than a buck you could buy a copy of this book for yourself.

What am I saying?

You’re not selfish are you?

For this price you could buy copies for ALL of your friends!  Facebook friends.  Twitter followers.  Family members.  Neighbors.

You could even use this promotion to meet new people and make new friends.

You’re at a coffee shop and see someone you’d like to meet.  With your eReader in hand (on the appropriate order page for this book) go over and tell the person you have a gift for them.  All you need is their email address.  The person might be a little resistant (you know, the internet privacy thing) but tell them you know the author of the book.  The person you want to meet gives you their email address.  You enter it in the online order form.  Touch a button and the person receives the gift on their eReader immediately.  You have a new friend. And it didn’t even cost you a buck.

Is that cool or what?

No need to thank me.

Just go do it!

When I Fall in LoveAmy Prescott had her life planned.  It was a perfect plan.  Then Grandpa had to go and have that stroke thing, and Grandma has Alzheimer’s, and the family is getting together to divide the estate and they expect Amy to take care of her grandparents.  So much for a perfect plan.

“This is a heart warming tale about family.”
“Such a great read I was hooked from the beginning”
“Great mix of comedy, emotion, and a touch of spiritual inspiration!!!”
“I read this book to my family and at the end of each chapter would hear the words, ‘Don’t stop – keep reading.'”
“I laughed at several points and wanted to cry at other so have your tissues handy when you read this one.”
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