Story Ideas … Live Longer


In my continuing quest to share where story ideas come from, the following headline from ZD Net should give you an idea of the value of news articles:

Google exec hints at ultimate recruitment perk for top engineers: Life extension

You don’t even have to read the story.  (If you want to, however, here’s the link.)  If that concept doesn’t send story ideas shooting up and down your spinal chord, you’ve got some creative issues.

I have a couple of sci-fi ideas that jumped right out at me, along with a dystopian story, and even a present day thriller.  Novels, short stories, scripts … the ideas are percolating.

Just imagine the kind of power you would have if you could offer a longer life to people (on your terms).

Would you be the altruist, offering life to those who need it?

Maybe you would offer the “gift” to those who deserve it.  Your definition of deserve.

Perhaps you would offer life to those who would enrich you personally.  Believe me, there would be no shortage of offers.

Like I said, a lot of story ideas are lurking inside that one little headline.

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