Story Ideas … Dancing

STORY IDEAS … Where do stories come from?

For those of you who are storytellers (writers, speakers, performers, parents, etc.), I thought it would be useful to share how stories come to me.  I’ve included a YouTube video of the Nicholas Brothers from the movie, Stormy Weather.

I love their dancing!!!  But while I was watching the clip, I was also getting ideas for stories.

Watch the video then think of some story ideas that come to you.

Below the video, I’ve shared some of the ideas that are bouncing around in my brain based upon watching this scene.

Is that impressive or what?

Here are some of the ideas I thought of while watching the Nicholas Brothers.

  • MOVIE.  The Nicholas Brothers.  This could be a biographical story from their time period highlighting their skill as performers and how they dealt with the roadblocks placed in front of them because of their race.  Their parents were performers and the brothers were exposed to African American Vaudeville acts from their earliest days.
  • MOVIE or NOVEL or TV SERIES or WEB SERIES.  The “Black Movies.”  During the early decades of the motion picture industry, there were few opportunities for black actors to have important roles in movies.  But a small industry developed that was directed toward the black community.  How about a story where that industry is the backdrop?  It could be a drama, a comedy, even a TV series.  It doesn’t have to be the Nicholas Brothers but could highlight a singer, an actor, a musician … you get the idea.
  • MOVIE.  The Harmonists.  Thinking of persecution, I was reminded of the popular German singing group, The Harmonists.  They were Jewish singers during the time period Hitler took control of Germany.  Can you imagine some fascinating storylines in that situation?
  • MOVIE or NOVEL.  Imagine a performing team (any race or background) and develop a story about their interactions.
  • SCI-FI MOVIE or NOVEL.  What can I say?  I like sci-fi.  If we move this into a sci-fi setting, what kind of a story could be developed around a pair of traveling performers?  There are some possibilities here.  Several possible plots are bouncing around in my brain at this moment.
  • SITCOM.  Okay, this next one is one I really want to do so don’t steal it!  I can see a sitcom developed around a Vaudeville troupe.  Fascinating characters and acts.  Just thinking about it is making my mind go into overdrive.  It really is something I’d like to develop.

These are a long way from being “writable” ideas but they’ve got the creative juices flowing.

These came as a result watching the Nicholas Brothers dance.

What came to your mind?

Coming up with story ideas is fun!

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