The Final 4th of July?


It’s been a long run.

Two hundred thirty-seven years.

But could this be the final 4th of July?

We seem to have lost our way or chosen to go on a different path.

Would it be possible today in America to have a law passed based on “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God”?

Can you imagine politicians today arguing that human rights are given by “the Creator” and government’s job is to see that those God-given rights (life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness) are protected?

Current events in our culture reveal …

  • our government spying on all the people “for their safety”
  • our government intimidating the people who “oppose the correct policies” through powerful federal agencies
  • our government launching undeclared foreign wars in the name of the people
  • our government ignoring judicial orders for the “benefit” of the people
  • our government forcing the people to abandon their religious beliefs to follow the “law” for the benefit of the people
  • our government deciding what our children will learn in school (a school system where it is illegal to talk about the Creator)

This just might be the final 4th of July celebration in America.

It’s our choice.

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