What is love?

Do you want to know what it’s like to be loved?  Take 3 1/2 minutes from your day and watch this video.

Thanks, Allison for sharing this on your Facebook page.

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3 comments on “What is love?
  1. Patty Ryker says:

    Such a lovely story, my grandparents were like that except she took care of him, was with him 24-7 when he became sick in 1962 until he passed away at the hospital in 1966. No one else could care for him, so devoted. In his lucid moments, he would look at her with such love then whisper, I love you. They were sweethearts, married in 1910, he passed in 66 and she lived on until 1983. Even then he was still her guy, always told him goodnight and that she loved him. She never quit grieving, she went on living but he was always near her and was there when she passed. He took her home.


  2. laurabesley says:

    Thanks for sharing that video. It was extremely beautiful. When you see what people can do for each other, you wonder how there can be any evil in the world.


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