Where do ideas come from?

I’m always fascinated about where story ideas come from. I once got the idea for a story from a billboard along the side of a highway. It was just four words — “You have the right”  — then something about their product which I ignored. Just those four words captured my mind. By the time I reached home I had an outline for a thriller and ended up writing a screenplay.

I love interviews with real people about life (as opposed to interviews about politics). In the broadcast below by Eric Drachman, you’ll hear the story of Dennis Clemishaw, a cranberry farmer. Listening to the story of his life sparked ideas for several stories that I would like to write.

Going back in time (a western?) or far into the future (sci-fi?) I could easily feel a story about the small family unit trying to carve a life for themselves in difficult circumstances.

In the present day, cranberry farming would make a great backdrop for several stories (thrillers, mysteries, dramas, comedies).

I was even thinking this might make a good setting for an online serial. Maybe you could get a cranberry company to sponsor it. Think Carnation and The Burns and Allen Show.

Listen to the interview below and see what types of stories come to your mind.

And if an idea grabs you and you feel you absolutely must tell the story, go write it!

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One comment on “Where do ideas come from?
  1. Beth says:

    Great post. Thank you!


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