Two Words

The Outer RimsI just finished the proofs of my novel, THE OUTER RIMS, and sent them to 47North.

This is for the hard copy version — the physical book.

You know, one of those things you hold in your hand while you read.  No, not a Kindle or Nook or iPad or iPhone or …

A book is made of paper.  The words are printed on the paper. You hold it in your hand while you read the words printed on the paper. You physically turn the paper pages to see what comes next.

It’s really an amazing invention.

Anyway, in working through the proof reader’s comments and changes, I saw two words that absolutely needed to be “fixed.”

The proof reader caught me using a “her” when it was obvious I should have used a “his.” A simple mistake that would have made me look a little foolish.

In reading the context of the passage, however, I found another problem. A promise was made about a certain person — but I used the wrong name.  Not only was that a little confusing but the promise is the setup for the next book in the series.  We’re talking a MAJOR potential error here.

Praise the Lord for good proof readers!!!

Since the mistake was in Episode 7 of the serialized story, I also had time to contact my editor and request a change in the Kindle Serial version of the story.

Praise the Lord for good editors!!!

Two words.

How I missed them in the previous revisions and edits I don’t know, but I’m glad I have good proof readers and editors who can catch my mistakes.

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4 comments on “Two Words
  1. ocdreader says:

    Yay! I am loving the story – I am kind of upset right now with it, because I am scared to see what happens next, but only because I am a chicken. Makes me nervous


  2. Ellen says:


    Yes, thankful that the proofers caught the items needing correction. I have done a lot of editing and proofing over the years at church especially. We will probably like to get a hard copy since Dan does not do the electronic toys!

    He does read quit a bit.

    Glad to be in touch.

    Blessings, Ellen

    Sent from my iPhone


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