Episode 3 is out!!!

If you have already purchased THE OUTER RIMS on Kindle Serials, you should have received an email like the one below indicating the next episode has been released and is now part of your eBook.

If you haven’t already purchased THE OUTER RIMS … was it something I said?  Do you think it’s a genre you might not enjoy?  Do you think you won’t like the serial format?

Not to lay a guilt trip on you but did you forget I have six children, house payments, my dog had to go to the vet last month, the garage door opener isn’t working properly, I had to pay registration fees for one of my cars …

Just imagine what I could say if I was trying to lay a guilt trip on you.

Kindle Serials LogoBook cover art for The Outer Rims (Kindle Serial) New Episode Available to Read in The Outer Rims (Kindle Serial)
By Clint MoreyDear Clinton R Morey,A new Kindle Serials episode is available for The Outer Rims (Kindle Serial) by Clint Morey. You can start reading from where you left off – the new episode has been added to the end of your book for free, preserving your place in the book and any notes and highlights. If you have your Kindle device’s wireless turned off, please turn it on so that the new episode can be added to the end of the book on your Kindle.Be part of the discussion with other readers in theKindle forums as the story unfolds.

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2 comments on “Episode 3 is out!!!
  1. ebrackett@aol.com says:

    Sent from my iPad


  2. ebrackett@aol.com says:

    Hi Clint,

    Think maybe I accidentally sent an empty email. Sure has been nice to get connected again. Guess you have seen the wonderful old photo with all of us in it at the Ave 40 house. We only sold it about 7 years ago. Lots of fond memories there with all of you kids!

    It was great to be together with the gals at Sue’s recently. We had a few hours of just remembering……. a real blessing for all of us.

    Dan and I are healthy and still working some. He is doing handy man work, mainly for a property management company in town. Got the lead from a friend at church who works there. We have had a few problems due to the economic events a lot are facing. The Lord is providing. We will celebrate 54 years this August. Steve and Rob live here in Santa Clarita and Jeff is in Muncie IN…a professor at Ball State. They are all fine. We have 4 grandchildren, Steve one boy 22, Rob 2 girls, 17 & 19 (she is first year at Baylor). Jeff has 1 girl, 13 this week.

    Well, I didn’t mean to rattle on, I did want to ask if your books are compatible with IPAD…I do not have a Kindle. I enjoy reading your posts. We do remember Sharon too, it’s just been a lot of years since we have been in touch.

    So, wishing the best for you and the family in your writing etc. I am sure it keeps you very busy. I have a very steady, good AVON clientele now for 29 years, I am very busy all the time.

    Thanks for coming across our path again!

    Ellen (ebrackett@aol.com)

    Sent from my iPad


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