Finished a novel … well, the first draft of a novel

Tucked away in one of my writing spots at Barnes & Noble, I just finished my first draft of ERNIE, a YA novel.

It’s a great feeling to be done with the first draft and now the manuscript (actually digital file) gets stored away in a safe place until I’m ready to look at it with “fresh eyes.”

While that story is resting, it’s time to begin a new project.  “Begin” is probably not the best choice of words because I have been thinking about and doing work on a number of projects while finishing ERNIE.

But now is the time to select one of those projects to focus on.  That’s always the problem at this stage … which one?

Current top choices:

(1)  BOOK  “Don’t Play With Things That Go BOOM”  a memoir of sorts of lessons I learned while serving in the Army during a war.

(2)  NOVEL  “The Outer Rims 2”  That isn’t the real title but it’s the second book in the series.  I have the story outlined and would love to get into writing it.

(3)  SCRIPT  “Superhero School” a pilot for a TV sitcom or web series.  I have this one outlined and have written several scenes.

(4)  SCRIPT  “The Final Cure”  a sci-fi feature film that is about 3/4 complete.  I should be able to finish the first draft in just a few days.

(5)  SHORT STORY  “Adventureland”  a short story that came to me while I was reading some classic science fiction works.  I have the entire story outlined and have written several portions of the story.  I’m chomping at the bit to do this.  The only draw back to developing this is that there are very few markets for short stories.

(6)  NOVEL  “Jaidee 2”  That isn’t the title but this is the second book in the series.  The story is written in a very rough draft and is ready for a rewrite.

(7)  SCRIPT  “The Cabin”  This is a low budget thriller I’m working on with a friend.  We’re about 1/3 of the way through the planning stage.

There are about 20 other projects that I’m interested in working on but these are the top ones at the moment.

I’ll give myself a couple of hours, maybe even the rest of the day to select one.

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2 comments on “Finished a novel … well, the first draft of a novel
  1. laurabesley says:

    Too many ideas, too little time…Isn’t it always the way?! Well done on finishing your latest project and have fun with the next one!! 🙂


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