Finding a balance between writing and marketing

The Outer RimsFinding a balance between writing and marketing is an ongoing process for me.

At first it was easy.  I just wrote.

But then I finished a project and there it was sitting on my desk (I actually printed projects out back in the beginning).  It was done but no one was looking at it.  That’s when I had to move into the marketing aspect of this business.

After studying what could be done, I set aside 20% of my working time to be involved in marketing efforts.  Querying.  Entering contests.  Pitching stories to producers.  At least stories were getting out and occasionally something good would happen.

Then I got picked up by Amazon for my sci-fi novel, THE OUTER RIMS.    I checked the ranking for the book this morning and …

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #2,303 Paid in Kindle Store

That means 2,202 books are selling better than mine on Amazon.  That may sound like a lot but let me give you a little perspective.  Currently two of my stories are ranked in the 800,000 range.  As in eight hundred thousand.  Two thousand sounds pretty good to me.

Plus I’m in the top 100 in three different categories.  In one of those categories I’m in the top 20 which means I’ll come up on the first page if someone does a search in that category.

Amazon is a big pond for this little fish so I’m very pleased with those results but I still have a long way to go.

To be successful with this book, I really need to be down in the low hundreds. That means I need a lot more sales and a lot more reviews (hopefully good reviews!).

Which means I am doing a lot more marketing things during the day. Which also means I am doing a lot less writing.

I don’t like that.  Storytelling is the fun part of the process for me.

But marketing is important or I will have no one to tell my stories to.

This post isn’t a prescription on how to find the balance between marketing and writing.  It’s more a statement that I am unsure of where that balance point is.  I’m searching right now for the approach that will allow me to continue to pursue my passion (storytelling) and allow me to develop an audience for my stories.

It’s a nice problem to have.

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