Help me pick a cover

I really don’t like my cover for JAIDEE, my thriller novel.  So I designed a couple of different ones.  The cover on the left is the original.  The other covers are my attempts to improve on the original.  The problem I have with all of the covers is that I designed them.  I’m a history major not an artist.

Be that as it may, I’d appreciate it if you’d give me some feedback.  Are my attempts at a  new cover an improvement?  Should I replace the old cover?  Should I break into the piggy bank and seek to hire a real artist?  Any comments you are willing to share would be greatly appreciated.

Jaidee COVER May 22 rev     B eBookCOVER_JAIDEE     C Jaidee

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6 comments on “Help me pick a cover
  1. Beth says:

    I like A the best. B is my next favorite.


  2. Elisa says:

    Hi Clint – honestly I like the first one the best. The model on the other two is beautiful, but it evokes more of a YA feel, especially with the comic sans type font. So MAYBE the middle one, but not the third. If there were any way to wash out the girl, put a wash of vegas lights over her face to fade it to the background somehow or even try the same fade treatment from the first where it is all faded? Just my thoughts, worth everything you paid for them 🙂 Good luck!!


  3. Shar says:

    Hello! I agree with comment #2. The smiling, young lady doesn’t scream ‘thriller novel’ to me but rather YA. A little darkness wouldn’t hurt.

    However, I love the cover on your newest sic-fi novel!


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