To flaunt or flout, that is the question

OuterRims_FINAL_FrontCover_hiResFortunately I have an editor who knows the difference.

I had one of my characters in THE OUTER RIMS “flaunting” the law.  My editor pointed out that flaunt and flout are often confused and a quick check of Webster’s dictionary on my part made it clear my character should have been “flouting” not “flaunting.”

Praise the Lord for good editors.

NOTE:  Today is the last day to pre-order my sci-fi novel, “The Outer Rims.”  It will be released as a Kindle Serial tomorrow but I need to warn you, if you wait until tomorrow to buy it, it will cost you $1.99.

However, if you buy it today, you can get it for only $1.99.  A buck ninety-nine (in U.S. bucks).

Talk about a deal!!!

Hey, I’m a writer, not a math guy.  Okay?

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