Finished Edits for Episode 2

OuterRims_FINAL_FrontCover_hiResI finished my edits for Episode 2 of THE OUTER RIMS.

The editor for 47North works in Microsoft Word and is able to make corrections, suggestions, and ask questions using the features of Word.

I can see his notes off to the side but linked to the exact spot in the manuscript and I’m able to make changes in the manuscript and see the results.  It’s a very easy and efficient process in Word, which makes me wonder how they did this before there were word processors.

How about before typewriters?

Can you imagine a hand written manuscript being sent to an editor?  Probably the only copy.  What type of notes did the editor send back?  How and when were the changes made?

As I think about it, it’s amazing any books were actually produced in the pre-computer and pre-typewriter days.

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