Lincoln … the ladies man???

LincolnSometimes we have difficulty thinking of great historical personages as being people.  Of course it’s probably difficult to think of anyone considered a “personage” to be an ordinary human being but they all were.

Abraham Lincoln, a lawyer, a politician, the Great Emancipator, the President of the United States, was also human.  Even though he was a great speaker and debater and was known for being able to tell stories and persuade men, he lacked a certain skill in dealing with the opposite sex.  It’s a character trait many men (even those not considered “great historical personages”) have shared.

In his late 20’s, Lincoln described his struggles in a letter to a friend.

“Others have been made fools of by the girls, but this can never with truth be said of me.  I most emphatically in this instance, made a fool of myself.  I have now come to the conclusion never again to think of marrying, and for this reason: I can never be satisfied with any one who would be blockhead enough to have me.”
Abraham Lincoln, 1838
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