It’s easy to get wrapped up with the daily activities that seem so urgent that we forget what’s important.  We have jobs to do, errands to run, tasks to complete.  There are scripts to be written, agents and producers to contact, queries to be sent.  There’s a presidential election here in the United States.  There are bills to be paid.  Appointments to be made.  All legitimate concerns.  All things calling for our attention.  So, we must set priorities.

My brother was diagnosed with stomach cancer today.

For me, that’s a priority.

For those of you in my social networks, I would treasure your prayers for my brother, Bob.

If you are comfortable talking with God please consider asking Him to heal my brother.

If you aren’t comfortable talking with God and would like to be, feel free to contact me.  Your relationship with God is also a priority to me.  Let’s focus on what’s important.

“I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.”

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2 comments on “Priorities
  1. Cathie Jarosz says:

    Hi, Clint, Timi forwarded me your thoughts and prayers. I am Cathie, Timi’s cousin, who now lives in Portland. Over the years, we have met once or twice, when I was visiting from California. I hear your faith and your love, each supporting the other. Besides praying myself for Bob’s healing and God’s tender holding of him during this time, as okayed by B&T, he is now on our parish prayer chain too. Over the years I have listened to and seen the huge love Bob has for you (and vise versa). That kind of love is healing in and of itself. I just wanted to thank you for your words, and let you know, the love and prayers happening on other family fronts in chorus with your family’s. Blessings to you during this time and thank you for the love you and Bob share. Cathie Jarosz,


  2. Trish Allen says:

    Great thoughts in your post, Clint. Jim and I will join you in praying for Bob.


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