Book Review and Interview

A nice interview and comments about WHEN I FALL IN LOVE was posted on the blog “Living Loving and Writing” by Laura Besley.

I’ve written before about the value of having a few blogs you check regularly. Laura’s is one of those blogs on my list.  I would encourage you to take a look at it – not just because it has a posting about one of my books but because it might be a blog you want to follow.

Check out her “Flash Fiction” work.  Click on the tab at the top right of her page.  She has a number of short works that read like the opening chapters of a novel.


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3 comments on “Book Review and Interview
  1. Laura says:

    Thanks very much! Would be happy to host for you again!! 😉


  2. Sharmin McCalla says:

    Great interview! Our family loved that book. Pat read it out loud several weeks ago. Ashley, especially, barely let him break to wet his whistle. 🙂 I enjoy reading your blogs as well. And you’re right. You were/ARE a great storyteller, Mr. Morey. 🙂 Keep writing! Shar

    Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2012 02:23:24 +0000 To:


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