Learning to enjoy the little things

In a writer’s life there can be a lot of time without that wonderful thing called “positive feedback.”  In our world today, everyone is supposed to get that.  What do we do if there is no one to stroke us, telling us how wonderful our words are?  How do we survive if there are no large checks coming our way, proving our success with the masses?  How are we to bask in glory if no national networks call to set up interviews on Good Morning America or the Today show?

What do we do if we’re denied what has become a seemingly universal “right” — positive feedback?

Get over it.

I don’t know about you, but I write because I have stories to tell.  I can tell those stories whether I’m getting stroked, skewered, or ignored.

In the last two days I had three people buy my books online, a producer request one of my screenplays, and another producer tell me they wanted to make one of my short scripts.

Would I like a bestseller?  You bet.  But I choose to enjoy that three people are going to read one of my stories.  I’m a storyteller.  Three people are going to read one of my stories!

Would I like a blockbuster movie followed by the walk across stage to receive my Oscar?  I wouldn’t turn it down.  But I choose to enjoy that a producer (or more likely a reader) is going to read my script.  I’m a story teller.  What more could I ask?

The big check?  I have a 10% back end deal but I’m not planning to make any money with a short.  Shorts don’t make money.  But I choose to enjoy that a producer read my short script, liked it, is going to make it, then submit it to festivals.  I’m a storyteller.  That means lots of people at those festivals will be watching a story I wrote.

How was my week?

No bestsellers.  No Oscar winners.  No blockbuster movies.

I think it was a great week.

As a writer, you can go weeks (sometimes months) at a time working your trade without hearing ANYTHING from anybody.  That’s great.  Consider it time you can devote to your storytelling without interruptions.

Learn to enjoy the little things.

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5 comments on “Learning to enjoy the little things
  1. Beth says:

    wow I think that’s a HUGE week! congrats!!! so proud of you and happy for you!


  2. Laura says:

    What a brilliant piece and so many truths in there!


    • Laura,

      As soon as I saw your comment, it reminded me of another one of those “little things” I try to enjoy in my writing. I now follow several blogs and enjoy the insights and observations of a number of people around the world. Your blog from Hong Kong is one of the sites I look forward to checking on a regular basis.

      So, thanks for the nice comment, and thanks for producing an excellent blog.



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