The Last Master

I was just notified THE LAST MASTER, my screenplay about Henry Bibb, was an honorable mention award winner for the Las Vegas Film Festival.  That means I’ll be heading down to Vegas in the middle of July.  In addition to getting an award on the very same stage where Elvis used to perform, and getting an All-Access Pass to the festival, I’ll have the opportunity to see some good films and interact with other people in the film industry.

Networking with producers, actors and agents is important when you live in Montana.

The only drawback … it’s July.  Last year, temperatures pushed up to about 115 degrees.  Definitely made you want to stay inside the air conditioned theaters.

But I’m excited and looking forward to making some new friends.

I’d really like to see this film get made.  I think everyone in America should know Henry Bibb.  Here’s a little promo I use when I pitch people.

Historical Drama  (inspired by a true story)

An escaped slave risks capture and death when he returns to the South to rescue his wife and daughter.

From his earliest days, Henry Bibb had a passion to be free.  Born into slavery, he was repeatedly punished for his escape attempts but wouldn’t let anything get in the way of his dream to be a free man … until he met Malinda.

Love has a way of changing dreams.

When Henry and Malinda married, it seemed like a blessing — until Henry had to watch his wife stripped and beaten by the overseer and his daughter abused by the mistress of the plantation.  There was nothing he could do to protect them.

One Christmas, Henry escaped to the free state of Ohio hoping to earn money to buy his family, but there was no way he could  save those kinds of funds.  Despite the urgings of his friends to flee to Canada, Henry couldn’t live with the thought that his wife and child were still in the vice grip of slavery.  In disguise, Henry returned to the South.

Facing slave catchers, determined slave owners, betrayal by fellow slaves, and a wife who just wanted to live with as little pain as possible, Henry willingly risked his life for freedom and family knowing he might lose both.

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4 comments on “The Last Master
  1. Laura says:

    Sounds like a really interesting screenplay. I love films set in the past or in different cultures, so I’m learning as well as being entertained. Enjoy your trip – even though it’ll be hot!!


  2. Beth says:

    Wow awesome!


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