I’m in the learning stage of distributing my works online.

Yesterday I formatted one of my short stories, THE LAST PATRIOT, for Smashwords.  I read through their free styleguide, made the adjustments on my story, and submitted it.

Five times.

I finally gave up after the fifth failure to load.

I tried again today and it worked perfectly. I set the sale price at $ 0.99 to match the price on Amazon.  I’ll give it a try at that price point for a few weeks and if it isn’t leading to downloads, I’ll drop it to FREE!!!

The main goal is to get the story into the hands (or iPads, or phones, or computers) of readers.

I think (like I said, I’m learning) the link below will take you to the smashwords page for the story.

Or, you can always go to Amazon and download it there. To go directly to Amazon, click on the cover image at the start of this post or on the right of the page under “My Stuff.”

Or — don’t tell anyone I said this — you can wait for a couple of weeks and see if I drop the price.  Then you can get it for free!!!

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