IMDb Pro     IMDb Pro

One of the tools I have found to be very helpful in my marketing efforts (for screenplays) is IMDb Pro.

I use it to check my titles (seeing if they have been used previously).  I also use the site to see how similar films have fared in the market place.  If my script is similar to others that have bombed at the box office, I may want to reconsider taking on the project.  On the other hand, if my story is similar to stories that have been successful, that may be helpful in marketing.

Marketing is where IMDb Pro shines.  It is an easily navigated website (database) letting me identify individuals, companies, and projects.  I’ve used it to locate producers who have shown an interest in creating films of a certain genre.  I’ve also used it to check out people in the industry to see what they have done.

It’s an easy way to check on the box office hits and flops of the week, follow the interests of users, view trailers, and learn what is happening in the industry.

The free version of IMDb is useful but if you can afford it, the Pro version is worth the money ($124.95 per year).

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