The Four Questions

Several years ago I heard a seminar from Jeffrey Alan Schechter, an Emmy Award winning writer, explaining how he developed scripts.  He called the program TotallyWrite and would later market it as Contour.  What I remember from that seminar and have used in developing my stories since first hearing him explain his approach is something called “The Four Questions.”  Before I immerse myself in the script writing phase of a project, I want to be able to answer the questions.


1.  Who is the hero?

2.  What is the hero trying to accomplish?

3.  Who is trying to stop the hero?

4.  What happens if the hero fails?

Simple questions but if I’m not able to come up with compelling answers to them, the story isn’t ready to be developed.

I would encourage you to check out his work.  I put it right up there with Blake Snyder’s SAVE THE CAT.

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