Who wants a friend like that?

25 Feb


4 Feb

“Our self-worth comes from how we reflect Christ, not how we are reflected in the mirror.”

Dr. David Jeremiah

Looking for some reviews

28 Jan

The EndI just released a book, THE END, and I would love to have some reviews.

The book is available for free through the end of this month (Jan 31) on the Kindle Store.

Just click on the cover image to be taken to Amazon.

As Far as the East is From the West

25 Jan



The Presence of God

31 Dec

God has never promised to solve our problems. He has not promised to answer our questions… He has promised to go with us. 
Elisabeth Elliot

From “Today’s Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah” Dec. 31, 2014

A Look Back on Some Books

30 Dec

One of the things I like about Goodreads is that it keeps a list of the books I read … if I remember to record them.  Here’s the list of the books I recorded for this past year.  Almost all of them were consumed on my Kindle.  You think maybe that eBook thing might just might be catching on?




How do you view yourself?

5 Dec

“A person all wrapped up in himself makes a very small package.”

John Ruskin

(I just read this quote in David Jeremiah’s Tuning Point.)

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