21 Jul

This song takes me back a few years.  Okay, a few decades.

Written by Shel Silverstein and performed by The Irish Rovers.

Little Things

19 Jul

I have to admit it’s a little thing.

But sometimes the little things are nice.

The local public library just added my novel, The Outer Rims, to their collection.

That’s nice.

Kindle Unlimited

18 Jul

Kindle UnlimitedAmazon has just started a “Kindle Unlimited” feature in their store.

For one price ($9.99 per month) you have access to over half a million books.  Read as many as you want!

It’s kind of a Netflix for books.

While this is not a new business model, Amazon is certainly the biggest dog in the marketplace to try this approach.  I think the key to their success will be the quality of the books they offer.

As a writer I’m interested in how this approach will work out and if it will become a standard way to distribute books.


Would you like to review a book?

17 Jul

Evernote for WritersI’m looking for reviewers for my recently published book, Evernote for Writers.

If you think you might be interested, let me know and I’ll send you a copy of the ebook through the Kindle store.

The book is a description of how I use Evernote in writing blogs, books, children’s books, novels, and screenplays.

Evernote is just a tool but it’s a very useful tool.

Honest reviews are important in marketing ebooks on Amazon and I wanted to make this offer available to those who follow my blog.  Click on the “CONTACT” link at the top right  of this page and I’ll send a copy of the book to the email address you indicate.

A couple of talented guys

10 Jul

I think of Bob Hope as a vaudeville comedian and Bing Crosby’s partner in several Road movies.  James Cagney played a series of tough guys in a series of movies in the 30′s but I remember him as the captain of a ship in Mr. Roberts.  But two men had other talents.  They could dance.

Would this make a good exercise video?

9 Jul

The Nicholas Brothers come in at about the 1:30 mark on this video.

Be sure to check them out.

Louis Zamperini (1917 – 2014)

5 Jul

Louis Zamperini died two days ago.  He was 97 year old and in his youth had experienced poverty, sickness, and racial attacks.  He was often in trouble with the law and there seemed little hope for him.

But Mr. Zamperini became a world class runner in the 1930′s and a war hero during World War II.  He also endured incredible torture in a Japanese prisoner of war camp.

His story is one of those that matter.  I’m glad to see that a movie has been made about his life and that Laura Hillenbrand has written a book about him.

I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Zamperini in the early 70′s and was impressed not only with the story of his life but also with his gentle demeanor and his passion to help others.

Get to know his story.  View the videos below and consider reading the books about him.

He is one of those men in our history worth knowing.

“CBS Special during the 1998 Winter Olympics in Japan”

“Louis Zamperini: Coming Full Circle, Pt. 1″

“Louis Zamerini: Coming Full Circle, Pt. 2″


“Louis Zamperini”  Wikipedia article.







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